Ben Folds Five Reunite For MySpace Gig

Ben Folds Five Reunite For MySpace Gig
After nearly a decade of separation, Ben Folds Five are reuniting. On September 18, the long-defunct trio have announced they are playing live in Chapel Hill, NC, as part of a new MySpace show titled Front to Back. For the performance, the band plan to play their 1999 swan song, The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner, in its entirety, which will be broadcast sometime in October on MySpace.

"Of our three albums, this one brings back the most vivid memories," Folds told Billboard. "It was actually written to be one song of many movements, which is why there are motifs that appear throughout the album. That should make Reinhold a natural to be played front to back."

There is no word on what strings MySpace had to pull to make this happen. Neither is there any information as to whether the show will strictly be a one-off or if Ben Folds Five will perhaps do a series of Don’t Look Back-styled performances. Hell, maybe even an album.

In related news, as we previously reported, Folds’s next solo is due out September 30 via Epic.

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