Belong Announce Kranky Debut

Belong Announce Kranky Debut
Back in 2006, New Orleans-based drone duo Belong caught our attention with their debut full-length October Language. Since then, they have remained largely dormant aside from some hard-to-find EPs, but they will be back in full form after signing with the admirable Kranky roster and completing their next album Common Era.

In the last five years, the duo of Turk Dietrich and Mike Jones have evolved their sound exponentially. As a press release explains, "The new material has such common pop elements as 'songs,' vocals and drum machines, but the results could hardly be called conventional and are like little else happening on the current 'scene.'"

The press release further attempts to describe the group's far-reaching sound, saying, "The songs themselves are akin to radio transmissions received from another time and place, just as likely to be the future as the past, or even from a contemporary alternate universe. They are both passionate and dispassionate, grey yet technicolor, ghostly and palpable, distant yet immediate, grainy and focused."

 To understand the "extraordinary balancing act" for yourself, check out Common Era when Kranky releases it on LP, CD and as a digital download on March 21. You can see the cover above and the tracklist is below.

Common Era:

1. "Come See"
2. "Never Came Close"
3. "A Walk"
4. "Perfect Life"
5. "Keep Still"
6. "Different Heart"
7. "Make Me Return"
8. "Common Era"
9. "Very Careful"