Bellwether Home Late

Home Late, Bellwether's third independent CD, is a lovely melancholic release. This makes it sound like a wrenchingly sad record, but melancholy can be evoked from the realisation that your heart's desire may just be a dream, or a dream yet to be realised. Love and life are like that; romantic resignation can pull you apart with exquisite pain that no amount of liquor can drown. Hope and time are the stuff of which some dreams are left waiting to be made, as with this lyric from the title track: "I'm going to leave the stars outside just in case you come home late and you have some way to see." Looking forward to something you dream, hope, need to come true can wring you out, like the song "Baltimore," the town that so many have looked to as the panacea for what ails them. Home Late captures that worn feeling at the brink of day - when dreams will be revealed for what they really are - and does so beautifully. (Rust Belt)