Belleruche 270 Stories

UK trio Belleruche unleash more of their trip-hop turntable soul on their much-anticipated third studio recording via the Tru Thoughts label. The album's first single, "Clockwatching," which made its debut as an online teaser video, was sadly underwhelming. Thankfully, the track in no way represents its LP siblings. 270 Stories comes to us all decked out in hooks aplenty, heavier bass and fuzzy guitar wails from member Ricky Fabulous. DJ Modest's sonic quilting continues to be first-class, texturing each piece while giving Kathrin deBoer's blues-drenched vocals room to command centre stage. The 11-piece collage opens with the hard-hitting energy of "Fuzz Face," a definite highlight and great way to kick-start the record. Keeping up the momentum, songs journey from the Lamb-inspired "3 Amp Fuse" and the trippy "Bobby" to their signature leanings on the bluesy electronic funk of "Shudder & Cry" and "Ginger Wine." (Tru Thoughts)