The Belle Game Ritual Tradition Habit

The Belle GameRitual Tradition Habit
Some might think that naming the Belle Game one of "Vancouver's best bands," an accolade bestowed upon them by The Georgia Straight in 2011, was a little premature. The group only had a couple of EPs to their name at the time and little else, but now that their first album is complete that early call looks like a fortuitous foresight. Ritual Tradition Habit is a strong, confident statement from an act that have a clearer vision than most groups crafting their third or fourth full-lengths, which is exactly what this feels like, as opposed to a debut. At the centre of it all is the stunningly powerful voice of lead singer Andrea Lo, who can give some of music's most prominent voices a run for their money. Both empathetic and empowered, Lo's soulful vocals soar atop each song like a smooth tidal wave over the senses, best exhibited on highlight "River," where she sings, "I've been your river since we were kids." This is indie-rock at its best: texturally layered, with echoing guitars, infectious rhythms and horns, and lavished in hooks, such as on uplifting single "Wait Up For You." So, yes, we can justifiably deem the Belle Game one of Vancouver's best and, in general, one of Canada's most promising acts. (Boompa)