Bekay The Horror Flick

It’s not for the feint of heart but fans of horrorcore should flock to Horror Flick. Bekay is an unabashed misogynist cokehead and if you have a problem with that consider this: "American Idol? I got an American rifle that will sever your spinal, and leave you dead on arrival.” His proper vernacular makes it that much more frightening. "Deadly Potency” brilliantly, and appropriately, scratches Biggie’s "When I get dusted” sample. "Alphabitch” takes the alphabetical rap concept a step further, giving a letter to every gal on his resume, but would have benefited without the hook, or at least not the cantankerous one here. His nefarious style shouldn’t undermine his obvious lyrical skills. Part of the Rawkus 50 (some of the most important up and comers), Bekay has the blistering delivery of any Rawkus ex-patriot but unfortunately is hampered with unoriginal battle beats. Nevertheless, Horror Flick is a guilty pleasure that should be hidden from your mama under your mattress. (Coalmine)