Behold the Newest Music Format: the Playbutton

Behold the Newest Music Format: the Playbutton
Listening to music on the go, be it on your iPod, your cellphone or your, uh, Zune, is pretty convenient these days, but most portable music players aren't exactly fashionable. They might fit in the palm of your hand or like the iPod shuffle, clip to your jacket, but they are hardly a desirable fashion accessory. Enter Playbuttons, the latest music format hoping to add little flair to your portable music experience.

Realizing that buttons have long been a way to promote bands, Parte LLC is capitalizing on the trend by creating the new Playbuttons format, which places an MP3 player inside a small badge. Each Playbutton features an album, with said record's cover art proudly displayed on the outer casing. As of now, the company offers albums by Bubbles and Mount Eerie, with plans to release the brand new Pains of Being Pure at Heart's Belong and Javelin's upcoming Canyon Candy, among others.

"Buttons have long been a popular and fashionable way for people to champion their favourite bands, artists, actions and political causes," the company said in a statement. "Playbuttons take the concept a step further: listen to the music that you are wearing on your chest, a proud declaration of your tastes."

Despite the improved artistic aesthetic, the machines aren't as powerful as your garden variety MP3 player. The limited technology features an unalterable tracklist with minimal functions, but does feature a headphone jack and is rechargeable.

It may not pack as much of a punch as an iPod, but with physical media becoming less and less relevant in these digital times, Parte LLC is looking for something more tangible than a faceless MP3 player to help you enjoy the artistic value of an album.

"Playbuttons add physicality and ownership to music," the company said, "turning the timeless button into something that not only represents the music you like, but also contains and plays it."

Now they only have to convince the public to go out packing their iPod, as well as a button.