Behold the Arctopus Horrorscension

Behold the ArctopusHorrorscension
It's been five years since Brooklyn, NY instrumental group Behold the Arctopus released their debut album, Skullgrid, and its follow-up has finally arrived, in the form of Horrorscension. But, to be fair, co-founder/12-string Warr guitarist Colin Marston has been busy the last few years, starting up experimental black metal band Krallice, joining the reunion line-up of Canadian death metal legends Gorguts and producing records for the likes of Kayo Dot, Orthrelm, Jarboe and Altar of Plagues. Returning his attention back to BtA, along with guitarist Mike Lerner and new recruit, drummer Weasel Walter, the trio deliver their unconventional, avant-garde, jazz fusion, progressive metal on Horrorscension. Featuring six tracks in under half-an-hour, the record displays intense and tight musicianship, which is jaw-droppingly impressive, to say the least. Technical- and classical music-inspired guitar styles, as well as dissonant, jazz-like guitar tapping and noodling, are showcased throughout the record, including some of the most interesting, unorthodox tones and a variety of ranges produced from Marston's skilled use of the Warr. Horrorscension is a chaotic listen and can be difficult to digest despite not being overly lengthy. But when given a shot with an open mind, it's quite the unusual listening experience, in the best way possible. (Black Market Activities)