Behemoth "Messe Noire" (video)

Behemoth 'Messe Noire' (video)
Polish pentagram favourers Behemoth are revisiting the darkened realms of their The Satanist LP with an evocative and eerie new video for the record's "Messe Noire." If you like your rituals full of blood and your frontmen horned and harrowing, you can stream the video now.

A statement from the band and director Zev Deans says the video is "dedicated to the life and memory of H.R. Giger." Considering the grayed-out, chasm-deep landscapes, the suggestive bloodletting rituals, and the slick and sinister biomechanical plating of a demon figure rising into the cosmos, it seems a fitting tribute to the late Swiss artist.

You'll find the visual salute, as scored by Behemoth's merciless metal riffs and blast beats, down below.