Behemoth Demigod

Poland’s Behemoth have been plugging away in the death metal underground for many years and many albums now, and with Demigod they’re finally getting the attention they deserve. It’s rare these days that death metal makes me raise an eyebrow like the ten tracks on this disc did; armed with great production, the band rages through blasting death metal at alarming speeds, highlighted by some great drumming. The Morbid Angel and Nile influences shine through loud and clear during the slower dirges, but Behemoth are inherently more listenable than either, thanks to an ability to keep things more to the point and, again, employing a production sound that doesn’t make me want to die. With just the right mix of technical skill and blinders-on blasting, Demigod is going to be the death metal album to top in 2005. (Olympic)