Behemoth Crush.Fukk.Create

One of the unfortunate realities for most extreme metal is that unless there is a seriously kick ass sound system, the blazing tremolo and bludgeoning blast beats tend to get muddled somewhere in the PA speakers. According to this DVD, Behemoth are no exception. They’re the type of band who have too many complexities for the music to translate effectively in a sub par live atmosphere. Avid fans will definitely enjoy the opportunity to witness the skilful playing and raw energy with which the band perform but overall the live disc leaves something to be desired. The second disc is a documentary entitled Speak with the Devil. More accurately, it’s an interview with Nergal recounting the group’s history spliced with Behemoth getting drunk in various places throughout Europe. Reoccurring scenes of the band, their tour mates and their crew trading dares or playing practical jokes adds up to an endearing picture of Christian haters just having some old fashioned heavy metal fun. (Candlelight)