Before There Was Rosalyn The Führer: An Allegory Of A History Of Deception

Before There Was Rosalyn march boldly forward on their Victory Records debut. With imagery, and an album title, that invokes the Third Reich's reign, the five-piece hardcore Texan band use the 11-song album to explore absolute power and, yes, how it corrupts absolutely. The record generally falls into the "uninventive, but captivating enough" category. There are the usual breakdown sections with gang sing-alongs (an oft-used formula that, when done right, like on "The Deliverer," is as inspiring as the band's Shakespeare-originated name), gentle singing parts and precise drum and strum intros ("The Bennadonnamyth," "The Architect"). There's enough carnage on tracks such as the aforementioned "The Deceiver" to makes this release worth a listen, but its staying power isn't strong enough to reign much longer than that. (Victory)