The Beets Let the Poison Out

The Beets return with their third full-length, Let the Poison Out. On this release, the Beets welcome a new drummer to their line-up, which has afforded the opportunity for added input and additional vocal harmonies. The trio have obviously developed their songwriting abilities. "Let Clock Work" puts vocals front and centre, which is a first for the Beets. Tracks like "Without You" also show off their new songwriting chops, its use of a coda demonstrating a more complex side to the Beets. The group have made some improvements, in terms of song craft and recording quality, but this latest release is hardly a step away from previous LP Stay Home. Everything one has come to expect from the Beets is present: scruffy guitar, basic drums and the use of dark, yet humorous, lyrical themes. The familiarity isn't a huge distraction from the entire album, as the Beets are still one of a kind. The tracks on this are classic pop songs that anyone could like regardless of their musical preference. Let the Poison Out continues to show that the Beets are capable of churning out quality release after release. As always, the Beets remain as quirky and as loveable as they set out to be. (Hardly Art)