Beehatch Beehatch

Having played together over a decade ago in Download, Phil Western and Mark Spybey (one now in Los Angeles, the other England) re-collaborate via file sharing; the result is Beehatch’s sonic anthology. Merging Western’s tech rhythms and Spybey’s experimental atmospherics, past sounds are reworked into a plethora of textures. Live percussion, dissonant vocals, programmed rhythms and analogue synth lines make for an impressive and arresting synergy. The initial drone of "First Song” drops into the punctuated breaks of "Facing Up To The Facts” and peters out into the ethereal beauty of "Tis” before being swept into the epic wash of "God is So Great, God is SO Dub.” By the time the disjointed drum and bass and 4/4 cap of "Warm and Fuzzy” leave the synth drive for the hard breaks of "Kurt Said To Me,” Beehatch has emerged from moody sound collage to full-fledged sonic odyssey thanks to Western and Spybey’s well-honed rhythmic pace. (Lens)