Beefs 2014: Drake Calls Macklemore's Apology Text to Kendrick Lamar "Wack as Fuck"

Beefs 2014: Drake Calls Macklemore's Apology Text to Kendrick Lamar "Wack as Fuck"
Many music fans felt that hip-hop sensation Kendrick Lamar got robbed at the Grammy Awards last month when Macklemore & Ryan Lewis beat him out for Best New Artist, Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Album. Macklemore subsequently sent Lamar an apologetic text — and shared it online — and now fellow Grammy nominee Drake has waded into the debate with some harsh words for Macklemore.

In regards to the text message, Drizzy told Rolling Stone, "that shit was wack as fuck."

He explained, "I was like, 'You won. Why are you posting your text message? Just chill. Take your W, and if you feel you didn't deserve it, go get better — make better music. It felt cheap. It didn't feel genuine. Why do that? Why feel guilt? You think those guys would pay homage to you if they won?"

The Canadian superstar went on to explain that the Grammys aren't necessarily based on artistic merit, and that it's a case of mass appeal or other factors. He said, "This is how the world works: He made a brand of music that appealed to more people than me, Hov, Kanye and Kendrick. Whether people wanna say it's racial, or whether it's just the fact that he tapped into something we can't tap into. That's just how the cards fall. Own your shit."

Drake makes a good point, since this is hardly the first time that a lesser album has won a Grammy. That being said, it seems that at least part of the reason for Drake's criticism of Macklemore is that Kendrick was the only one singled out as more deserving.

"To name just Kendrick? That shit made me feel funny," Drake said. "No, in that case, you robbed everybody. We all need text messages!"

Macklemore's text to Kendrick, which emerged soon after the ceremony, said, "You got robbed. I wanted you to win. It's weird and sucks that I robbed you. I was gonna say that during the speech. Then the music started playing during my speech and I froze. Anyway, you know what it is. Congrats on this year and your music. Appreciate you as an artist and a friend. Much Love."

Kendrick subsequently told XXL, "It's well deserved; he did what he did, man... He went out there and hustled and grinded. Everything happens for a reason; the universe comes back around, that's how it go."