Beefs 2014: Ariel Pink Says Grimes Is "Stupid and Retarded"

Beefs 2014: Ariel Pink Says Grimes Is "Stupid and Retarded"
Last month, Ariel Pink ruffled some feathers with his alleged comments about Madonna — which he has since apparently denied saying — and Grimes denounced him for his "delusional misogyny." Now, Pink has fired back at Grimes, calling her "stupid and retarded" and claiming, "I'm the male version of her."

These insults were hurled in an interview with The Guardian, in which Pink was asked about Grimes' angry response to his comment that Madonna had been on a "downward slide" since her first album.

"What an amazing promotional campaign this is," he said about the feud. "I was only repeating what Interscope told me about why they needed me. They're not my opinions. It's clickbait journalism. The media lies to us all the time, and we always believe the media. Then Grimes — who's completely stupid and retarded to believe any of it — jumps in and has her two cents. I'm not a misogynist. Maybe she's angry that I'm the male version of her, who was at 4AD before her."

Was Pink really repeating what Interscope told him when he said that Madonna had been on a 30-year "downward slide"? Whatever the case, these comments are unlikely to quell any of the furor surrounding the quirk-pop songwriter these days.

His album pom pom comes out on November 18 on 4AD. Read our review here, and also check out's interview with Pink.