Beefs 2013: Chief Keef Lashes Out at Katy Perry on Twitter

Beefs 2013: Chief Keef Lashes Out at Katy Perry on Twitter
Following a recent prison stint and yet another arrest, troubled teenager Chief Keef is once again making headlines with his bad behaviour. This time, he has laid into Katy Perry with a vicious Twitter attack.

On Tuesday (May 21), Perry tweeted about Keef's song "I Hate Being Sober," writing, "I now have serious doubt for the world." The rapper didn't take too kindly to the criticism, writing, "Dat bitch Katy Perry Can Suck Skin Off Of my Dick" and "Ill Smack The Shit out her."

He also implied that he would record a diss track about the pop singer.

Somewhat surprisingly, Perry's response to these foul-mouthed jabs was to backpedal. She tweeted, "Mr. Keef! I'm sorry if I offended you. I heard a lot of people guesting on the song & didn't even know it was you in particular. Actually..." followed by "I'm a fan of your 'Don't Like' video tbh. I was really just having a general opinion on our generations desire to be constantly intoxicated" and "Believe me, I'm a lover not a hater. x."

Hopefully, for Perry's sake, this burying of the hatchet will mean that Keef doesn't record a diss song after all.

This isn't the first time Perry has been called out on Twitter. Last year, Fucked Up screamed Damien Abraham criticized her "Part of Me" video and was bombarded with insults from the singer's fans.