Beefs 2012: No Age Accuse Kings of Leon of Ripping Off Their T-Shirt Design

Beefs 2012: No Age Accuse Kings of Leon of Ripping Off Their T-Shirt Design
No Age are an experimental-leaning art punk duo while Kings of Leon are one of the most famous arena bands around, but they actually have more in common than you'd think. Both outfits have incurred their fans' wrath with sub-par live shows (No Age for playing an ambient set; Kings of Leon for pigeon poo), and they are both selling suspiciously similar-looking T-shirts. Now, No Age have accused the mega-famous rockers of ripping off their logo.

In a blog post written yesterday (January 18) and titled "wait, what?", No Age posted a picture of a Kings of Leon T-shirt with rainbow-coloured block lettering that looks suspiciously like the iconic logo that appeared on No Age EP Get Hurt in 2007.

In the blog post, the picture was captioned, "t shirt designs by the kings of originality... looking good."

Spin points out that the Kings of Leon shirt appears to have been available on Amazon since 2009, but evidently this is the first time that No Age have been made aware of the similarity.

As Pitchfork notes, No Age tweeted, "Imitation is the highest form of what now?" Fleet Foxes frontman Robin Pecknold replied, "THEY ARE THE WORST!" So it sounds like No Age have a posse.

The punk pair also pointed out that Bloc Party have similarly ripped off the logo.

So what will this mean for Kings of Leon? We're guessing not a lot. It's hard to sue someone over a logo that amounts nothing more than plain block lettering and a colour gradient, especially when the accused can afford a way better legal team than the accusers.