Beefs 2012: Drake and Common Trade Lyrical Jabs

Beefs 2012: Drake and Common Trade Lyrical Jabs
Last year, we complained that rappers were being too vague with their disses. Now that it's 2012, however, they've appeared to turn a new leaf as Drake and Common have pulled no punches in their recent verbal battling. So grab some popcorn and read on if you want to watch the fight go down.

After a long build-up of seemingly subliminal digs, Drake took the beef to new levels with some harsh words on "Stay Schemin'", the track he joined on Rick Ross' fantastic Rich Forever mixtape. With lines like "It bothers me when the guards get to acting like the broads" and "I'm just hitting my pinnacle / You and pussy identical / You like the fucking finish line / We can't wait to run into you," Drake evidently dissed Common without naming names.

Common got the message loud and clear, however, dropping his own remix of the track with some direct shots at Drake. "My motto is Chicago bitch, everybody know you're sweet, what the problem is? / Don't play dumb, I'm the one that acknowledged it / Son of a bitch I imagine what you father is," he starts.

Then he gets pissed, making fun of Drake's "Headlines" single and adding, "Can't say a nigga name but you rap about a nigga's wife, you so black and white tryna live a nigga's life / I'm taking too long with this amateur guy / You aint wet nobody nigga, you Canada Dry."

To get his message fully across, Common ends the track by saying, "Make no mistake, I'm talking to Drake" and employing a sample of Destiny's Child's "Say My Name."

Check out Common's remix of "Stay Schemin'" below. Common's verse starts at the 3:34 mark.