Beefs 2011: Vast Aire Lashes Out at Definitive Jux and El-P

Beefs 2011: Vast Aire Lashes Out at Definitive Jux and El-P
Having just released his new album, OX 2010: A Street Odyssey, rapper Vast Aire is perhaps feeling a little cocky. After all, he just used an interview as an opportunity to take shots at El-P, the producer and rapper who worked with Vast Aire when he was signed to El's Definitive Jux label.

Speaking with AllHipHop, Vast Aire said he wasn't surprised when Def Jux was forced to close up shop last year, saying, "There's a couple of situations going on, but long story short, business-wise, Def-Jux needed to step it up. That's why artists didn't stay. C-Rayz, Murs... there's a track record of people doing stuff there, but there were some bad business moves and when the business was bad, there were limits creatively. El-P wanted to contain us like we were his pet."

Vast Aire didn't leave it there, taking more shots at El-P. "What is he doing right now? The label broke up, what is he doing? Playing with his balls, painting houses, what is he doing?" he asked. "All this hype and all this talk, I'm the only one out with good music."

 As if to try and add a positive spin to his statements, Aire added, "Don't get it twisted, I love what I did with him in the past, we did some great stuff, but that don't mean you're not a dickhead and that you did bad business and that doesn't mean you aren't a jealous or envious person."

 Best of all, AllHipHop reached El-P to comment on the story. Rather than ignore the request or reply with a simple "no comment," El-P said, "I'd sooner wash my face with napalm than dignify this by responding in kind."