Beefs 2011: Manic Street Preachers Blast Arctic Monkeys, Brian Eno, the Strokes

Beefs 2011: Manic Street Preachers Blast Arctic Monkeys, Brian Eno, the Strokes
If anyone is qualified to comment on the state of British music, it's Manic Street Preachers. After all, the Welsh rockers have been around for more than 20 years and, in that time, weathered countless trends to release ten LPs (though of varying quality). Now, in a recent interview, the band have lashed out against British music peers Arctic Monkeys and Brian Eno (not to mention taken a pot shot at the Strokes).

In an interview with Q Magazine [via Gigwise], bassist Nicky Wire was asked to name a beloved artist that he doesn't enjoy. He responded: "Arctic Monkeys. I never understood that. They're the flattest, most linear thing ever. And it's degenerated, much like the Strokes, into cataclysmic boredom."

Manics singer James Dean Bradfield then chimed in to insult an even more iconic musical figure, Brian Eno, saying, "Anything Brian Eno has to say or do these days I fucking detest with every atom of my being. He's the Nick Clegg [the British Deputy Prime Minister] of the music world. He's a bad motivational speaker. He's an empty vessel who spouts bullshit and means nothing."

So in other words, we're guessing that Arctic Monkeys' Suck It and See and Coldplay's Brian Eno-produced Mylo Xyloto won't be getting much play in Manic Street Preachers' tour bus.

In other Manics news, the band will release the 38-song compilation National Treasures - The Complete Singles on October 31 in the UK via Sony. It will be available as a standard double-CD, a CD/DVD package or a deluxe box set. Go to the band's official site to learn more.