Beefs 2010: Iron Maiden Hate on Grizzly Bear

Beefs 2010: Iron Maiden Hate on Grizzly Bear
Sometimes, one band knocking another is just so unfounded that it makes the attacker look totally ridiculous. Enter iconic metal act Iron Maiden, who for some reason have seen fit to bash opposite-end-of-the-rock-spectrum act Grizzly Bear. And Maiden have done so in one of their actual press releases, of all places.

We're not saying we like Grizzly Bear or Iron Maiden better than the other (apples and oranges, y'know?), but this excerpt from Maiden's press release for their forthcoming studio album, The Final Frontier, seems just a little off the mark.

"[Iron Maiden's] last record, A Matter of Life And Death, sold a million copies worldwide in its first week, with 56,000 sold in the United States", the release begins [via XFM]. "Compare that to, say, a Pitchfork darling like Grizzly Bear, whose 2009 release, the nearly unpronounceable Veckatimest, sold 33,000 copies in the U.S. in its initial week. It's a metaphorical wedgie from metal fans to wussy indie kids everywhere."

First of all, what does an album name being "unpronounceable" have anything to do with the album's quality? Furthermore, what do sales? If Maiden want to play that game, one could reasonably say that Miley Cyrus selling 102,000 copies of Can't Be Tamed in the U.S. its first week is "a metaphorical wedgie from crappy mall-pop fans to metal fans everywhere." Not to mention the obvious fact that Iron Maiden are successful enough to know there's little point in putting themselves to the same measuring stick as indie label artists.

Maiden also use their release to slam Metallica and, oddly, one-hit wonders Wheatus. "[Maiden] don't stop doing what they do best...That's a good thing - where other bands muck around with their formula in an attempt to be progressive (see [Metallica's] Load and Reload, if you must), these dudes know what their fans want and how to do it well, ensuring that their legacy will be a lot more than being mentioned in that awful Wheatus song 'Teenage Dirtbag.'"

You think?