Beefs 2010: Diplo Calls M.I.A.'s New Album "a Turd"

Beefs 2010: Diplo Calls M.I.A.'s New Album 'a Turd'
M.I.A. is gearing up to release her third album, // / Y /, next week, but one person who won't be lining up for a copy is former boyfriend and producer Diplo. The beloved hipster beat-smith has already said the album sounds like Skinny Puppy (in a bad way), and has taken to Twitter for some more M.I.A. dissing.

Yesterday morning (July 7), Twitter user _DEV asked Diplo why it sounds like a toilet is flushing at the end of his // / Y / track "Tell Me Why." In classic Diplo style, he tweeted back, "cuz rest of album is a turd."

Always ready for a controversy, Pitchfork posted the tweet on their site. Once again, Diplo responded on Twitter, saying, "I think when there no wavves vs crystal castles 12"s or open letter from connor oberst & guccimane @pitchforkmedia has 2 reach a lil 4 newz."

If you like the idea of an album that, according to Diplo, sounds like a weird mix of Gucci Mane, Animal Collective, Skinny Puppy and fecal matter, be sure to pick up // / Y / on July 13.