Beef Terminal Emerges with 'Humidex'

Beef Terminal Emerges with 'Humidex'
Toronto sound artist MD Matheson has been exploring the world of ambient post-rock as Beef Terminal since 1995, dropping numerous albums throughout the 2000s. Following the release of Anger Do Not Enter in 2005, however, he took a break from the project to pursue hip-hop beats with the Sales Department. Now, he's resurrected Beef Terminal for a new album.

The record is called Humidex and will likely showcase the sort of depth and creativity that can only come with Beef Terminal's longevity as a project. As a press release explains, the album is "a return to the form evoking the past releases as well as charting new territory."

Humidex will be available on October 25 via Waaga Records. Album track "Birthday" can be heard here, while all of Humidex can be streamed on Facebook.


 1. "September Trilogies"

2. "Different Time"

3. "Common Seagull"

4. "Birthday"

5. "A Mouse In The Closet"

6. "Humidex"

7. "15 Days And Counting"

8. "Discourse"

9. "Energy Crisis"

10. "Realistic Divides"

11. "The Empty Beach"