Bedrooms of the Nation Bedrooms of the Nation

Mixing post-rock, hardcore, swooning melodies and audio collages, Vancouver, BC crew Bedrooms of the Nation are a hard band to pin down. Their songs manage to encapsulate so many elements that to classify them in any way other than "a guitar-based band" does the group a disservice. Conceptualized by singer/guitarist Rory McClure, the band include a slew of family members, as well as McClure's buddies from his other act, Shimmering Stars. Like that unit, Bedrooms of the Nation create swells of icy atmosphere, with thundering drums and a truckload of natural reverb, obscuring the pop rock intentions suggested by the delicate tracks sitting in the middle of the storm. The songs flip back and forth between barnstorming attacks ("Post Nihilism") and pretty, acoustic lead pop songs ("Shiny Fur"). Although Bedrooms of the Nation lack the focused sound and songwriting of Shimmering Stars, the group have far greater sonic ambitions that retro-pop. (Independent)