Atlas Sound Bedroom Databank Vol. 4

Atlas Sound <i>Bedroom Databank Vol. 4</i>
Well, Deerhunter/Atlas Sound fans, we hope you have a lot of extra space on your hard drive, because Bradford Cox just isn't letting up. Following three volumes of Atlas Sound's Bedroom Databank this week, Cox has released yet another, with Vol. 4 up for grabs on the Deerhunter blog.

You can download the release here and peep the tracklisting below. Along with the songs, you also get "a document with lyrics and some descriptions, as well as grammar and spelling errors."

Bedroom Databank Vol. 4:

1. "Farmland Fantasy"
2. "Terrarium"
3. "Spectre" (Royal Trux)
4. "Talent Show Audition Tape, Winnepeg 1975+"
5. "Wire Brush Stomp"
6. "Ex-Prodigy (For Norbert Wiener)"
7. "Moonlight on Verlaine"
8. "How to Pass the Time"