BEDlight for BlueEYES The Dawn

This debut album from five guys with tight jeans and fashion core hair from New Jersey with screaming guitars and pop hook lyrics make for, well, nothing new. The cool thing about this band is that the singer, a classically trained kid who could never fit the mould of your clean cut crooner, dropkicked his scholarship to the Boston Conservatory of Music, donned his ripped jeans, grabbed a hair straightener and hooked up with the local shredders of the scream core scene to make their rock’n’roll dreams come true. Unfortunately, the music isn’t quite as impressive as the story about getting there, but with the legendary Trustkill team backing these boys, turning your back on them now might be a little premature. With a little more life flowing through their veins, the fury might be released to its fullest extent and show the world that real rock bleeds blue. (Trustkill)