Bed of Stars "The Spell" (video)

Bed of Stars 'The Spell' (video)
While Abbotsford, BC-bred singer-songwriter Bed of Stars (a.k.a. Evan Konrad) released piano ballad "The Spell" on his 2013 EP last fall, the track is apparently mesmerizing enough to hop aboard the performers' just released Tell Me If It's True EP. Now, the song has received a minimalist though captivating video treatment.

Initially we find Konrad wrapped up in song, performing on his set of eighty-eights from a darkened soundstage. Later, it's unclear if he's actually indoors, since he gets sprinkled with snowfall. It's also possible there's just a leaky ceiling, as we also see a pirouetting dancer splashing nearby in a puddle.

Either way, the track plays gentle, putting the focus on melancholy melodies and the Muse-meets-Rufus Wainwright attack of Konrad's multi-layered harmonies.

Check it all play out below.

Tell Me If It's True is available now over on Bandcamp. Though details are slim, Bed of Stars will also be issuing a new single in the fall, while an album is set for a 2015 release.

Tour dates:

07/01 Abbotsford, BC - Rotary Stadium
07/06 Coquitlam, BC - Lions Park
09/04 Amherstburg, ON - Shores of Erie Wine Festival