Beck's One Foot in the Grave To Get Deluxe Reissue

Beck's <i>One Foot in the Grave</i> To Get Deluxe Reissue
Beck is once again giving his back catalogue the deluxe treatment, dropping word that his 1994 One Foot in the Grave LP is on deck to get an expanded 15th anniversary edition. Due out April 14 via Interscope, this folked-out, out-of-print Beck classic will be re-released, remastered and, most excitingly, come with up to 16 bonus tracks, most of which have never been released.

"Well, it's been out of print for a few years, so it's something we've been planning, but I knew that we had these extra tracks," Beck recently told Japanese newspaper the Daily Yomiuri of One Foot in the Grave, which originally came out on K Records.

"I've actually been working on this for the past two or three years. [On] the original tapes there were an extra maybe 30 songs that weren't on the record and I picked the best... and added them on there, so it's got about a little over a dozen extra tracks that no one's heard before."

Along with all the previously unreleased tracks, there a few rarities that have popped up in various places over the years, such as the always stunning "Feather in Your Cap" (which originally appeared on the Suburbia soundtrack and again on the Odelay Deluxe Edition) and Stereopathetic Soul Manure's "One Foot in the Grave." The One Foot in the Grave reissue does have a tracklisting, but apparently it's a tentative one and is subject to change. Also, pre-sales have already begun over at Amazon.

At this point, here's what the tracklist looks like for the One Foot in the Grave 15th anniversary edition:

1. "He's A Mighty Good Leader"
2. "Sleeping Bag"
3. "I Get Lonesome"
4. "Burnt Orange Peel"
5. "Cyanide Breath Mint"
6. "See Water"
7. "Ziplock Bag"
8. "Hollow Log"
9. "Forcefield"
10. "Fourteen Rivers Fourteen Floods"
11. "Asshole"
12. "I've Seen The Land Beyond"
13. "Outcome"
14. "Girl Dreams"
15. "Painted Eyelids"
16. "Atmospheric Conditions"
17. "It's All In Your Mind" *
18. "Whiskey Can Can" *
19. "Mattress" *
20. "Woe Unto Me" *
21. "Teenage Wastebasket" (Acoustic) *
22. "Favorite Nerve" *
23. "Piss On The Floor" *
24. "Your Love Is Weird" *
25. "Close to God" *
26. "Sweet Satan" *
27. "Blake Lake Morning" *
28. "Axe Ex" *
29. "Teenage Wastebasket" (Electric)
30. "One Foot in the Grave" *
31. "Feather in Your Cap" *
32. "I Get Lonesome" *

* Bonus Track

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