Beck Working with Pharrell Williams

Beck Working with Pharrell Williams
While Beck is preparing to release his album Morning Phase later this month, the songwriter has also promised that he has other projects in the works as well. It turns out that this includes a high-profile collaboration with Pharrell Williams.

Details about the project are scarce, but the songwriter told Billboard that he's been working on an album with big-name collaborators, including Pharrell. The album could be out later this year, "time willing."

Details about this album are still unclear, but it's rumoured to involve hip-hop sampling in a manner similar to Beck's classic works like 1994's Mellow Gold and 1996's Odelay.

Expect more details about Beck's plans to be revealed in due course. Read an interview with Beck from our April 2014 issue here.

Morning Phase will be out on February 25 through Capitol. Hear a couple of tracks below.