Beck Unveils 'Morning Phase' Cover Art

Beck Unveils 'Morning Phase' Cover Art
Details have been gradually trickling out regarding Beck's impending album, Morning Phase, and now another piece of the puzzle has slotted into place, as the veteran songwriter has shared the LP's cover art.

That's it above. Much like Beck's 2002 album Sea Change, it features a close-up headshot of the songwriter, which has been overlaid with colours. This similarly is fitting, since Morning Phase has been described as "a companion piece of sorts" to Sea Change.

The sepia tint to Morning Phase's album cover is in keeping with the folksy sound of "Blue Moon," which we heard as part of a freshly unveiled album trailer. That clip shows the record being pressed onto vinyl. Watch the clip below.

Morning Phase is due out on February 25 through Capitol. Read an interview with Beck here.

UPDATE: You can also now see the Morning Phase tracklist below, as well as hear the new tune "Blue Moon."

Morning Phase:

1. Cycle
2. Morning
3. Heart Is A Drum
4. Say Goodbye
5. Blue Moon
6. Unforgiven
7. Wave
8. Don't Let It Go
9. Blackbird Chain
10. Phase
11. Turn Away
12. Country Down
13. Waking Light