Beautiful Senseless The Warmest Rain

Beautiful Senseless are a band who probably don’t have a whole lot in common with many of the other bands from Guelph. All six members have different musical backgrounds, yet when they play together, nobody would ever anticipate that they maybe don’t share a united musical vision. Yet that works to their advantage because there is an abundance of talent evident on The Warmest Rain. It probably isn’t by accident that the band chose to name their second album The Warmest Rain because that is just how it feels. Their melancholy music is reminiscent of being outside on a clear summer night, with the refreshing rain over you. They sound maybe a little like Carissa’s Weird or Mojave 3, but their sound is very hard to pin down. This is an album that is best appreciated as a whole because no one song jumps out from all the others. There is a definite sadness to The Warmest Rain, yet there is no denying that this is very beautiful music that deserves to be heard by a wider audience than it will probably receive. Search this out because you won’t regret it. (Bam)