The Beatles and Rolling Stones Turned Down Opportunity to Record with Bob Dylan

The Beatles and Rolling Stones Turned Down Opportunity to Record with Bob Dylan
Iconic rock'n'roll producer Glyn Johns has worked with an impressive array of artists over the years including the Who, the Eagles, Neil Young and the Clash. But according to his new book, he was unable to facilitate his dream collaboration — an album between Bob Dylan, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

Johns' memoir Sound Man is slated to arrive on November 13, and as is to be expected from someone who's worked with the biggest names in rock music, he's got some stories to tell.

As reported by Rolling Stone, back in the summer of 1969, Johns was travelling with the magazine's founder Jann Wenner and they ran into Dylan at an airport.

"[Dylan] asked me about the Beatles album I had just finished and was very complimentary about my work with the Stones over the years," Johns writes in the book. "In turn, I babbled about how much we had all been influenced by his work."

The folk singer told the producer that he wanted to make a record with the Beatles and the Stones and asked Johns to see if they'd be interested. Johns' reaction, according to the book was: "Can you imagine the three greatest influences on popular music in the previous decade making an album together?"

He set to task, but was ultimately unable to secure a deal between the artists. "Keith and George thought it was fantastic," he writes. "But they would since they were both huge Dylan fans. Ringo, Charlie and Bill were amicable to the idea as long as everyone else was interested. John didn't say a flat no, but he wasn't that interested. Paul and Mick both said absolutely not."

"Paul and Mick were probably, right," reflects Johns in hindsight. "However I would have given anything to have given it a go."

It probably would have been one heck of an album, but Dylan seems to have done alright for himself without the Beatles or Stones. His recently unearthed and complete Basement Tapes collection is available now.

Watch the Beatles Anthology clip below to hear the Fab Four talk about their relationship with Dylan.