The Beatles' Early Material Collected on 'First Recordings'

The Beatles' Early Material Collected on 'First Recordings'
The Beatles' vaults have already been mined extensively, but this fall, another retrospective release will delve into some of the group's rare studio material. On November 8, Time Life will issue the two-CD compilation The Beatles with Tony Sheridan: First Recordings.

As the title suggests, the album includes some of the group's earliest material. The songs were recorded in 1961 and 1962, when they were backing rock singer Tony Sheridan and were credited as "the Beat Brothers." Ringo had not yet joined the band and Pete Best was on drums

Variety reports that the collection will include the Lennon-sung "Ain't She Sweet" and the George Harrison instrumental "Cry for a Shadow." The full tracklist hasn't been confirmed, so there's no word as to how much of this material has already been released on the Beatles' Anthology 1 and Tony Sheridan's My Bonnie.

Much of this material likely overlaps with The Beatles' First, a 1964 album that drew from the same Sheridan sessions.

But even if we've probably heard most of these songs before, Beatles diehards will likely want to pick this one up anyway, since the packaging of First Recordings will contain vintage photos by Astrid Kirchherr and other material from the era.