Beat Market 'Disco Rouge: The Game'

Beat Market'Disco Rouge: The Game'
Homemade videogames have become a bit of a trend among bands as of late, and Montreal duo Beat Market have become the latest act to get in on the action. This serves as an interactive accompaniment to their song "Disco Rouge."

This danceable electronic cut from Red Magic is the perfect soundtrack for the Space Invaders-style shooter game, which allows users to play as either of the band members while zapping celestial shrapnel including disco balls and pieces of sushi. Use the arrow keys and spacebar to blast the way clear; if you succeed, you'll end up in a showdown with a glowing cat head.

Play the game here.

If you spread the word by sharing the game on social media, you could have a chance to see Beat Market for free this year at Osheaga. Learn more about the contest and play the game here.