Beastie Boys Reveal Details for Check Your Head Deluxe Reissue

Beastie Boys Reveal Details for <i>Check Your Head</i> Deluxe Reissue
Beastie Boys may have only just recently reissued their Paul's Boutique LP but already the group are planning to give the same treatment to its 1992 follow-up, Check Your Head.

Via Capitol/EMI, the Beasties' third album will be remastered, expanded and released in a variety of formats, the most elaborate of which will be an "ultra-deluxe" four-LP, 180-gram vinyl version that will come in a fabric-wrapped hardcover coffee-table book case. All editions will include numerous B-sides and bonus tracks, and along with the four-LP box (which is limited to 2,000 copies), the reissue will also be available as a DRM-free digital download, a double CD and as less deluxified double-vinyl. There's no word yet on which added tracks will be included on the reissue but the physical editions of Check Your Head will hit shops April 7.

As previously reported, this bit of Beasties news comes as the band prepare to release their new studio album, which is expected to drop sometime this year and has been given the working title Tadlock's Glasses. According to what the group have said in recent interviews, the record is "political," "bizarre" and "a combination of playing and sampling stuff." Also, that title is inspired by one of the Beasties' old bus drivers, who once received a pair of glasses from the King of Rock'n'Roll himself: Elvis Presley.

On the live front, the band only have a few dates lined up: one at this summer's Bonnaroo festival and another at L.A.'s Hollywood Bowl on September 24. However, the press release says to expect a lot more shows in the run-up to that new full-length.

Here are all the buying options available for the Check Your Head reissue:

- Digital Download (album and B-sides)
- Deluxe Digital Option (also includes videos and video commentary)
- Deluxe, limited collector's vinyl + Digital Download
- Standard double vinyl + Digital Download
- Ecopack double CD + Digital Download
- Deluxe Digital + shirt
- Standard Vinyl + shirt
- CD + shirt
- Deluxe, limited collector's vinyl + shirt