Beastie Boys Prepare For "Vocal" and "Visual" Versions of The Mix-Up

Beastie Boys Prepare For "Vocal" and "Visual" Versions of <i>The Mix-Up</i>
Currently on tour in Canada, Beastie Boys have announced they're looking for vocalists for their next record, a new version of the recent instrumental album The Mix-Up. In an interview with, MCA (Adam Yauch) revealed that the trio have been "talking to some different artists who might do kinda like remixes and put vocals on it, so it wouldn't be us doing vocals on it. It would be kind of like a different version of the album, with a bunch of people guesting on it." So far the band have spoken to M.I.A., Lily Allen and Pulp's Jarvis Cocker, or in other words, Yauch said: "a bunch of British people. It'll be interesting to see what they do with the stuff." In addition to that, Yauch, Mike D and Adrock are planning a visual version of the album using images from their tour. "We've been traveling with a Super 8 camera and a lot of times we'll just make something," Yauch adds. "While we were in Singapore we filmed stuff, and in Australia and different places. We're talking about cutting it together into a full-length film that kinda goes the length of the album."

The Beasties play the Bell Centre tonight (September 20) in Montreal, Air Canada Centre tomorrow night (September 21) in Toronto, and an exclusive instrumental performance at Toronto's Sony Centre (formerly the Hummingbird Centre) on Saturday (September 22).

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