Beans Crane Wars

Beans have this great ability to keep you locked and hypnotised within a melody or groove and then trick you by suddenly altering the instrumentation, which goes unnoticed upon initial listens. Sure, there is a canny familiarity to Do Make Say Think's jazzy mathematics, but Beans sound far more sinister and far more abstract, like a Pole/Miles Davis hybrid interpretation of a Kabuki theatre piece. Godspeed You Black Emperor! also comes to mind, but if one toggles between Beans and GYBE, one will notice that Beans are kind of an indie-spirited version of the great GYBE. This is because GYBE possesses a more rigid and instantly cognisant formula that makes them seem commercial in comparison. The texture and musical scope within Crane Wars is too vast for words - electronics become analog and visa versa. The techniques used to assemble this giant collage of sound must have been created via technology that is still too experimental and dangerous for everyday use. It is called the human brain, and Beans have used it quite impressively. (Zum)