Beady Eye "Four Letter Word"

Beady Eye 'Four Letter Word'
Considering how many members of Beady Eye were in Oasis (read: all of them) it's no surprise that the Liam Gallagher-led outfit sticks close to their former glories. But while new single "Four Letter Word" plays up a familiar working class pub rock vibe, there is something so much more sinister about Beady Eye's chaotic clatter of drums and wah-wah bass guitar.

As for the video, Gallagher sidles up to his microphone stand with a sneer as he tears an unnamed person a new one. He points to someone sleepwalking their way through life, suggest that they need to take a break and caps his chorus with a damaged call that "Nothing ever last forever". We could be reading too much into this, but could this be a dig at Liam's big brother and life-long feuding partner Noel Gallagher, who penned Oasis' optimistic anthem "Live Forever"? And, wait a second...aren't there four letters in Noel's first name? Only time will tell if Noel files a rebuttal, but this could very well be the first big beef of 2011.