Beachwood Sparks Make the Cowboy Robots Cry

This six-song EP from California psych-country crooners Beachwood Sparks continues in the languorous, almost dream-inducing vein of last year's sophomore release, Once We Were Trees. Great driving music, so long as you're in a maximum 30 km. zone and have plenty of strong coffee close at hand. The band must have hurt itself rocking out on its endearingly melodic, pop-infused and, at times, downright catchy 2000 debut because it's been writing nothing but fragile, one-speed gossamer numbers ever since. Apparently the pot on the U.S. West Coast is stronger than you may have thought. Think Spiritualized in a Stetson but without all the swelling crescendos. Note to Beachwood Sparks: please consider rocking even just a little bit again someday, okay? Thanks. (Sub Pop)