Beach House to Release New Album 'Thank Your Lucky Stars'

Beach House to Release New Album 'Thank Your Lucky Stars'
Beach House only just released their album Depression Cherry a couple of months back, but now some Reddit sleuths have uncovered evidence suggesting that the dream-pop duo might have a companion album on the way. It seems that this will be called Thank Your Lucky Stars.

UPDATE (10/01, 5 p.m.): Beach House have now confirmed that they will have the new album Thank Your Lucky Stars out on October 16 via Sub Pop. That's the artwork above and the confirmed tracklist below. They tweeted the following:

Previously, the website contained lyrics for what appear to be nine new songs. Although these lyrics have since been removed, someone saved all of them and posted them here. The apparent tracklist made up of these new songs can be seen below. There's also a gallery of images that were attached the new lyrics right here.

Interestingly, the lyrics of a song called "One Thing" are almost identical to those of a new song that Beach House performed live in 2014. Live footage of that song can be found in the player at the bottom of this page (starting at the 3:10 mark). apparently used to have a sub-site at This is now gone, however, and only remains. And although the new lyrics have been removed, there are still other easter eggs to be found at It you click on one of the song titles from Depression Cherry and press "x" on your keyboard, it will black out most of the lyrics except for a few key words; hold your mouse over the still-visible words and you'll see a different cryptic, artsy image.

It remains to be seen whether Thank Your Lucky Stars really is a companion album. (Remember when some people thought that Radiohead were going to release a second part of The King of Limbs?) The evidence here is fairly compelling, however, so we're going to have to see how this one plays out.

Thank Your Lucky Stars:

1. Marjorette
2. She's So Lovely
3. All Your Yeahs
4. One Thing
5. Common Girl
6. The Traveller
7. Elegy to the Void
8. Rough Song
9. Somewhere Tonight