Beach House Not Pleased About Katy Perry Ripping Off Their Teen Dream Album Title

Beach House Not Pleased About Katy Perry Ripping Off Their <i>Teen Dream</i> Album Title
Sometimes you just have to call a spade a spade, and that's just what Beach House lead singer Victoria Legrand has done following the announcement that bratty pop sensation Katy Perry has named her new album Teenage Dream. Of course, this title is suspiciously similar to that of the Baltimore, MD duo's latest effort, Teen Dream, released earlier this year.

Last night (May 10), Legrand took to the Beach House Twitter account to post an outraged "Can't believe this," followed by a link to the Teenage Dream Wikipedia page, and the words "and not in a good way, guess we have to write a song called 'i kiss a girl.'"

Beach House fans posted comments on Perry's Wikipedia page, including one that read: "Mrs. Perry's album title may or may not be ripping off the brilliant indie duo Beach House and their critically acclaimed record Teen Dream. It will be a challenge for her to achieve the same aural masterpiece." But they've since been removed.

However, the Wikipedia article about Teenage Dream does give us some tantalizing hints about what to expect from Katy Perry this summer. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Perry admitted that she will "definitely keep it pop" on her new album.

A definite disappointment for those eagerly awaiting Perry's "experimental jazz fusion" and "Krautrock-inspired" albums, to be sure.