Beach Boys Once Again Contemplating Touring and Recording for 50th Anniversary

Beach Boys Once Again Contemplating Touring and Recording for 50th Anniversary
Though the Beach Boys membership has been fractured in the past over money issues and bruised egos, it looks as if the surf troupe are getting back together, for the next little bit at least, to celebrate their 50th anniversary in style. While rumours of a big reunion were quashed last year, it's being hinted that remaining members Brian Wilson, Al Jardine, Mike Love and Bruce Johnston once again have plans to tour and record a new album.

The good vibrations have apparently been flowing freely, with the band readying the release of their SMiLE Sessions box set this November. A summer recording session also found all four harmonizing around a microphone for a redo of their 1968 song "Do It Again," which seems to have been interpreted as an omen.

"The song title has pretty firm implications, doesn't it?" singer Love told Rolling Stone of the event, with Jardine adding "Not all of us are left, but there are still enough of us for that vibration to come through."

The reunion proved fruitful enough to have the band start conceiving plans for a world tour, which would take place next year.

"We'll do maybe 50 amphitheatres here and 50 or 60 overseas," Jardine explained. "It'll be whenever the buyers think is the best time for us. We're wide open for that."

Rumours of a new Beach Boys album are also surfacing again, this time with longtime session vet Eddie Bayers dishing the dirt on some new songs he played on that Wilson allegedly wrote for an upcoming set from the Boys. "Brian's new creations are just unbelievable," Bayers said.

But while most of the band are set to go, songwriter Wilson still seems a little hesitant about the affair. As previously reported, Wilson addressed the reunion talk last May saying he wasn't sure if he wanted to get back with the "zany guys." A few months on, he's still unsure.

"I don't really like working with the guys, but it all depends on how we feel and how much money's involved," he told Rolling Stone. "Money's not the only reason I made records, but it does hold a place in our lives."

Even so, Love still seems optimistic that the band will get things going: "Everybody sounds great. Brian will sit down at the piano and come up with some chords to sing, and it's always impressive. He hasn't lost the ability to do what he does best: chord progressions, vocal arrangements and great harmonies. It could be very exciting to do that all over again."

As previously reported, the SMiLE Sessions box set comes out November 1 on Capitol/EMI.