Beach Boys' Label Threatens Lawsuit over Katy Perry's "California Gurls"

Beach Boys' Label Threatens Lawsuit over Katy Perry's "California Gurls"
As the NY Post reports, Perry's label, Capitol Records, received a letter from Rondor Music demanding that Mike Love and Brian Wilson, who wrote the Beach Boys' classic "California Girls" nearly 50 years ago, be given writing credit and royalties.

The label claims use of the line "I wish they all could be California girls," half-spoken by Snoop Dogg at the end of the track, warrants the demand for royalties after the song sold over 3 million copies this summer.

Reps for Love and Wilson, themselves, have indicated that neither has a problem with the song, and that it is the prerogative of the label to sue. Love's rep stated that "Mike and Brian wrote the song . . . but any legal action is up to Rondor," while Wilson's commented that "Rondor owns the track and called Brian and Mike, saying they were going to complain. Brian likes Katy's record and doesn't know where the situation stands."

The folks at Rondor aren't as fond of the Perry song, but they aren't the first to hate on it. Beach House is pretty upset with Perry, as is Best Coast, which means they probably aren't too fond of Kesha's "Tik Tok" either.

UPDATE: In a statement to EW, a Rondor spokesmen had this to say about the rumours of a lawsuit against Perry:

"In regard to the various rumours circulating, we would like to make it clear that there is no lawsuit against the writers or publishers of 'California Gurls.' We have established diminutive claim. It is up to the six writers and various publishers of 'California Gurls' to decide whether they honor the claim or not.

"Using the words or melody in a new song taken from an original work is not appropriate under any circumstances, particularly one as well known and iconic as 'California Girls.' Rondor Music, who publishes the works of Brian Wilson and Mike Love, is committed to protecting the rights of its artists and songwriters, and with the support of the writers, that is exactly what we are doing."