Be Your Own Pet Call On Fans To Make A "Banned Video"

Be Your Own Pet Call On Fans To Make A 'Banned Video'
Nashville, Tennessee's Be Your Own Pet have put out a call inviting aspiring film-makers to "make a banned video for a banned song."

When the group released their most recent album, Get Awkward, their North American label Universal (which owns Ecstatic Peace!, the subsidiary the band are officially signed to) refused to to include three tracks, "Becky," Blow Yr Mind" and "Black Hole" due to offending lyrics. Their UK label XL Recordings have now stepped up and will release all three songs on an EP cleverly titled, Get Damaged.

The band have set up a website inviting fans to make a video for the song "Black Hole." Be Your Own Pet promise to make the best submission the song's official video.

In addition to bragging rights (which isn't really much of a prize), the winner will also receive a Gibson guitar, two tickets to Warped Tour and BYOP kicks, the latter of which will also go to four runners-up.

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