Be Bad / Attack Mode Be Bad / Attack Mode

Halifax’s Be Bad play sludgy, thrashed out hardcore that barrels out at you. This band have two songs on this split — "The Slaves Who Buried the Pharaoh” and "Ruin Your Life” — both of which consist of the same corrupt, rough-around-the-edges elements that Divorce Records is so good at exploiting. On the other side is Attack Mode playing an equally straight-ahead brand of punk. The first song title, "Piece of Shit,” says it all, although the other two songs, "Society’s a Prison” and "Straightfaced,” can speak for themselves. Drowning in waves of art damaged, crusted over bass lines and guitars that straggle while the drums beat and batter senselessly, Attack Mode come up fast and hit hard. Both bands here are masters of destructive noise combined with the ability to show off their curious peculiarities. (Divorce)