BBQ Tie Your Noose

BBQ is the solo project of Mark Sultan (Les Sexarenos) and even though it doesn’t sound like a one man band, it certainly is just that. Jangly tunes that nod in the direction of late ’50s rock’n’roll are coated over with the edginess of an early ’60s sound with plenty of rough edges left in all the right places. The result is a raw and soulful 12-track debut full of appropriately named songs like "Shake Real Low,” "Waddlin’ Around,” and "Burn This Town” that capture the spirit of BBQ’s style. One of the more remarkable aspects of this album is that all the instruments were played by Sultan, and this whole thing was recorded live with no multi-tracking involved. It’s fitting that Sultan has dedicated this release to "people who do what they love, no matter what,” because band or no band, that’s just what this man is doing, and it’s sounding good. (Independent)