BBC Reveals 1969 Assassination Attempt On Mick Jagger's Life

BBC Reveals 1969 Assassination Attempt On Mick Jagger's Life
Assassination attempts aren’t normally a rock star thing. Wait, Lennon, Selena, Tupac, Biggie? Okay, so they are. Failed assassination attempts, on the other hand, you don’t hear about to often. Recently a new BBC documentary - set to broadcast on BBC Radio 4 today (March 3) - has asserted that Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger inadvertently evaded an assassination plot schemed up in 1969 by the Hells Angels.

The origin of this attempt goes back to the Stones’ consideration to use the gang's members as security officials. Jagger vowed not to use Hells Angels members again after a death in December 1969 of an 18-year-old fan during a free performance at Altamont Speedway in Northern California.

This then sparked a bloodlust with the gang’s members and they hatched a plan to dispose of Jagger at his holiday home in Long Island, New York. Tom Mangold, the presenter of the program told Britian's Sunday Telegraph, "The Hells Angels were so angered by Jagger's treatment of them that they decided to kill him."

Mother nature came to the rescue for the legendary rock group's vocalist with perfect timing, though, as the gang's original plans were to go by sea. Luckily for Jagger they were hit by a storm that forced all men to be thrown overboard. It is still uncertain if Jagger was ever aware of the hit ordered on his life, though something tells me he’s about to find out.

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