B.B. King Let The Good Times Roll: The Music Of Louis Jordan

For many, the blues began with a B.B. King record, and the 74-year old King has long since paid the cost to be the boss. King is the consummate textbook by which all who follow measure their abilities. The left-handed vibrato; the sustained single notes and that powerful voice that sings as an extension of his guitar defines a sound that is distinctively B.B. King. The thrill still ain't gone - even after 50 years on the road. King's sound is essentially Memphis blues born of elements of country blues, gospel, jazz, R&B, rock and pop. So, for King to recognise the genius of Louis Jordan is no surprise. In fact, a few Jordan songs are already vintage King: "Caldonia" and "Let The Good Times Roll." King's love for songs like "Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens" and "Jack, You're Dead" is apparent in the lively delivery. The spirited duet with Dr. John on "Is You Is Or Is You Ain't (My Baby)" is further proof. B.B. King's longevity and universal popularity is due to his ability to continually evolve his definition of the blues. This generous, fun-loving recording is just another inspired whistle-stop along the way. (MCA)