The Batusis Batusis

When you have two of punk rock's seminal icons working together in the same band (in this case, Sylvain Sylvain of the New York Dolls and Cheetah Chrome of the Dead Boys and Rocket from Tombs), it's a safe bet that they won't disappoint. The first-ever collaboration between the two guitarists (rounded out by the rhythm section of Joan Jett's Black Hearts), Batusis are an overload of sexed-up white heat, as the punk veterans dig deep into their roots of glam, garage punk, rockabilly and blues. Fuzzed-out guitars playing against one another teeter into surf territory on speaker-melting instrumental "Big Cat Stomp" and Chrome proves that he still possesses that snarling wit with the raunchy, but dark, "Bury You Alive." If anything, this four-song EP is pure rock'n'roll mayhem that attacks listeners with an onslaught of loud, raucous fun. Coming from these originators of punk, you should expect nothing less. (Smog Veil)